Snuffle mats are incredible products. These are a life saver if you have a dog who inhales their kibble and/or vomits after meals from eating to fast. Snuffle mats force your dog to slow down and eat in a healthy manner. This is great for digestion and also excellent mental stimulation. Just pour dry kibble over the mat and let it fall in between all of the fleece strips. Using this mat on a carpeted area is best so it stays put while Fluffy is trying to eat. 

Honey Snuggles snuffle mats are about 11/12” x 11-12”. They are made heavy duty PVC fabric so they are a machine washable. You can put them in the dryer, but you will extend the life of the product by air drying. Having said this, I have put these in the dryer on high heat after washing in hot water and they are very durable. I have had zero success trying to destroy one.

Snuffle products are meant to be supervised items. These should be put away when not in use. They are not built to be toys and it also I creases the novelty of the item when your dog only gets to use it at meal or treat time. 

Snuffle Mat


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