Honey Snuggles beds are hand knitted unique items. These are knitted with chenille yarn and they will be the softest thing your furry friend has ever laid on! Jumbo chenille yarn is the plushiest of my materials. You little guy, cat or dog, will be thrilled.

Your bed comes with a repair guarantee for life. At any time if your bed gets destroyed I will re-build it for you at no charge to you. **After months of working through washing dos and don'ts with very patient customers, I am now labeling all Honey Snuggles beds HAND WASH ONLY. My recommendation is to use the spray function on your faucet to spot clean these. You can throw these beds in the dryer with a dryer sheet as much as you'd like to pull off hair. They will actually come out even fluffier!

Jumbo Chenille-Little Guy Pet Bed 13"


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