Honey Snuggles snuffle balls come in a bunch of sizes: the Itty Bitty Kitty Snuffle Ball (tennis ball size, $5), the original Snuffle Ball (large grapefruit size, $15), the new Large Snuffle Ball (volley ball size, $28), and the GIANT Snuffle Ball (basketball size, $35).

These are really great enrichment items for pets. Hide kibble or small treats in the folds and your pet rolls the ball around and sniffs in the fleece to snuffle out the reward. The GIANT Snuffle Balls are also known for inciting some epic yard zoomies and I have a multitude of happy customer photos displaying their utility as the most excellent doggie pillow.

Snuffle items are not built for rough play or tugging. These should be supervised items that only come out when it’s snack time. However, if your dog carries it everywhere like a woobie then who am I to judge?

GIANT Snuffle Ball


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