Honey Snuggles pet beds are beautifully unique creations. Those who have purchased this product for their pets report that these are often the favorite of the beds they have. Senior pets who struggle to get comfortable often find relaxation in these beds as well. The base is thick, 2”-3”, and even large dogs find comfort on a HS bed. The chenille yarn is soft and squishy and you will find your pet burying their snouts to enjoy the soft feel.

While we recommend hand washing these beds, you can also wash them in the washer on a gentle cycle, in cold water, in a very full load. The less agitation the better for the stitches. Air drying out in the sun will dry the bed quickest and keep it softer longer, but you can tumble dry on low heat with a full load. The stitches may move around a bit in the wash, but you can gently wiggle them back into place.

HS pet beds come with a repair guarantee for the life of the bed. If your pet destroys the bed or something goes wrong in the wash just get it back to me. I will repair it get it back out to you at no charge. I will also rebuild beds that have been used a lot for an extended period of time and may just need a shape up. If you get the bed back to me I wash and freshen up the yarn and re-build the bed.

Double Chenille-Pet Bed 15”


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