Double layer kennel mats are my chenille kennel mats with a design layer worked in doubling the thickness of the mat. These are thick enough to work as a single item in your dog’s kennel. They are nice and sturdy. These are knitted with chenille yarn and they will be the softest thing your furry friend has ever laid on!

Your mat comes with a repair guarantee for life. At any time if your mat gets destroyed I will re-build it for you at no charge to you as long as you get it to me. **Wash this item in cold water on a gentle cycle in a full load of laundry. Air drying is best, but you can dry on low heat or tumble dry with a full load in the dryer. You can throw these beds in the dryer with a dryer sheet as much as you'd like to pull off hair. They will actually come out even fluffier!

Chenille-Double Layer Kennel Mat 36" Kennel


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