*Made to fit a Standard Wire 24” crate; can also fit a Backseat Rider RLK, Medium RLK (1” wide, 1” short)


Double layer kennel mats are my kennel blankets with a design layer woven through to create thickness. These mats are thick enough to serve as an individual item in the kennel. They are very pretty so they are a nice item to use in kennels in your home, or the bright, fun colors can go in your Ruffland or other performance dog kennel to represent team colors or your dog's personality! They are excellent for dogs coming out of the water. They absorb enough moisture so you don't have a puddle at the bottom of your kennel, but don't retain so much water that your dog is just sitting on a soggy mat.

Double layer kennel mats are probably the Honey Snuggles chenille item that washes the best of all of our products. If you want to maintain that "new mat" feeling longer, wash in cold water on a gentle cycle with a full load. You can dry in the dryer, I recommend low heat to maintain softness. The best is to wait for a sunny day and air dry out in the sun

Chenille-Double Layer Kennel Mat 18”x24”


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