Bowl snuffles work exactly like a snuffle mat, just throw dry kibble over the item and let it fall into the fleece strips. It will slow down your dog’s eating for healthy digestion and great mental stimulation. The great thing about these is that they are made to fit your dog’s bowl. If your dog makes a huge mess with a snuffle mat this is a great option for you. There is a suction cup on the product so your pup can’t just pull it out of the bowl and dump it. On a clean dog bowl, moisten the suction cup a bit, push it down to stick to the bowl, then screw the top of the suction cup on tight. Your dog will not be able to pull it out. To wash, simply remove the suction cup and machine wash. You can dry in the dryer, but you will extend the life of the product by air drying. 

Snuffle products are meant to be supervised items. These should be put away when not in use. They are not built to be toys and it also I creases the novelty of the item when your dog only gets to use it at meal or treat time.

2QT Bowl Snuffle


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